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Ultimas noticias y listas de precios

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23 December 2013
Arkaos MediaMaster 3.2 finally OUT NOW!!!
Download now and explorer all the new features.
21 December 2013
Laserworld releases new product: The RTI ATTO RGB 1.7.
This professional complete laser system is so small that it can fit into hand luggage on a flight.
10 December 2013
Showtec Technoflash 448, cod. 40295.
The Technoflash 448 is a LED strobe which can be controlled in 4 sections.
It is equipped with 392 pcs 5050 LEDs which generates a very strong output.
08 December 2013
La luz es buena para el corazón.
Una gran pared de iluminación firmada por Red lighting fue el telón de fondo durante la durante la última noche de Light Your Heart.
26 November 2013
Laserworld Starts New Generation of Show Laser Lights.
The RTI FEMTO comes with a newly developed white light laser module, diode equipped for all colors including green.
18 November 2013
MADRIX at LDI 2013 & new MADRIX 3.1 is now available!
MADRIX 3.0 brought about the big leap from pixel mapping to voxel mapping.
Back in July 2013, Inoage launched the leading-edge feature set for the LED lighting controller MADRIX to fully control 3D...
01 November 2013
Products at Eurovision 2013.
MAGIC FX products @ Eurovision 2013 Malmö.
23 September 2013
Epson Launches New Advanced Projector Technology Models.
Epson launched the new EB-4000 and G6000 series of high brightness projectors.
24 July 2013
Red Lighting ilumina las noches del Preziosa.
La nueva nave insignia de los Cruceros MSC brilla con la iluminacion de los productos de la joven firma italiana.
22 July 2013
Laserworld CS-1000RGB 3D: New strong laser light system with glass and 3D effects.
The CS-1000RGB 3D is not only a normal laser light projector, but it comes with several special effects that can be selected.
06 July 2013
Event Spot 1800 Q4 - The Battery-Powered LED Projector.
Event Spot 1800 Q4 represents latest innovation brought by Highlite in the field of totally-wireless luminaries. Highly compact dimensions in 5.5 kg only put Event Spot 1800 Q4 on top of its...
03 July 2013
Guy Sebastian - "Get Along" Tour.
Guy Sebastian is on his biggest tour to date, traveling Australia with nearly 50 shows of his "Get Along" tour, the latest stage in his impressive career, which has been nothing less than supersonic...
01 July 2013
SALAMANDER, new product launch.
Le Maitre is delighted to announce the launch of the new Salamander.
With its compact design, quick set-up and lightning fast chases, the Salamander is a must for any professional.
30 June 2013
PowerCon True1 power-in.
The PowerCon True1 is a locking true mains connector. It replaces appliance couplers wherever a very rugged solution in combination with a locking device is needed in order to guarantee a safe power...
04 June 2013
Showtec Pipe & Drape by Wentex.
Quickly and easily screen off your DJ booth, finish off the sides of your stage or simply make a space smaller: everybody has an applications for the well thought-out Wentex Pipe & Drape...
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