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21 December 2014
dBTechnologies at the Motor Show Paddock
The opening night of the Motor Show Paddock was enhanced by dBTechnologies systems.
15 December 2014
UglyBox MK2 New Wireless Signal Tester
Wireless Solution Sweden AB introduces the UglyBox MK2, a compact new wireless signal tester.
15 December 2014
Madrix Version 3.3
Madrix says its Version 3.3 provides substantial improvements in all areas — from workflow, usability, and performance to a large number of enhanced or entirely new features.
15 December 2014
Red-Lighting LED fixtures illuminates the Romanov dynasty in Russia
The R&D lighting’s Pixel Bar 4 and Pixel Bar 8, Quadro C8 together with the new mini Pixel Bar 16 have illuminated a successful itinerant exhibition on the Romanov dynasty, being held in the...
01 December 2014
HB-Laser launches new IP86 waterproof laser series
Events become more and more spectacular, and thus the demand for durable laser systems increases. HB-Laser launched a new IP68 waterproof laser line.
24 November 2014
EcoHazer from Le Maitre - Coming Soon!
The most energy efficient water-based hazer on the market will soon be launched: the EcoHazer from Le Maitre!
18 November 2014
The Laserworld Diode Series released
The new Diode Series laser systems from Laserworld is new on the market, but already experiences massive demand from the market.
17 November 2014
Visual Productions launches Cuety at LDI, Las Vegas
LDI 2014 sees Visual Productions exhibiting with their range of lighting control software for Mac, PC & Linux and solid-state hardware controllers.
16 November 2014
DVA at Dias de Muertos Celebrations
Sound provider Interfaz choose dB Technologies’ DVA in order to deliver a proper, clear and powerful sound to a crowded Plaza de Toros.
13 November 2014
W-DMX @ LDI Show Las Vegas 21-23rd November
Visitors to LDI 2014 are kindly invited to visit Wireless Solution and A.C.T. Lighting.
10 November 2014
W-DMX™ Debuts New Products at LDI
W-DMX™ debuts the new UglyBox MK2, W-DMX COB and NANO RDM RX at LDI 2014
02 November 2014
High power Pure Diode Laser
The PIKO RGB 11 PD has a guaranteed output power of 10W RGB after aperture and is equipped with diode laser sources only.
27 October 2014
SwissLas releases new ultra compact Pure Micro PM-8200RGB laser
High power in a super compact housing – SwissLas is known for very compact show laser light systems.
22 October 2014
RTI releases RTI NANO RGB 30 with “10-10-10" setup
The new released RTI NANO RGB 30 show laser light systems were especially developed for professional users with high demands.
21 October 2014
State Horticultural Show in Schwäbisch Gmünd
The State Horticultural Show in Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany, is a huge exhibition of flowers and rare plants.
Home > News > 2014
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